Partying with the Pirates

Partying with the Pirates

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I’m sat having my cappuccino in the bar with my pals, waiting for my tee time to come around and out of nowhere Ariel, yes Ariel the mermaid, appears in the doorway, floats through wheeling a giant speaker singing, Under The Sea…

Unusual sights at Oake Manor happen more often than you think if you’re a golfer.
We had Melanie’s 6th birthday party, a pirate and mermaids’ themed party with decorations, food, squash and a lot of glitter.

I personally had as much fun as the children; I got to be a pirate for the day! Greeting children at the entrance, they looked so beautiful as pirates and mermaids (and a couple of Elsa’s).  Ariel arrived with a swarm of happy screaming children following her.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win pass the parcel but we did play lot’s a fun games and we got glitter hair spray and a fantastic face painter.

When it reached lunchtime, Melanie took her place at the table and everyone followed. Out came platters of fruit, sandwiches, breadsticks and mini puddings like something from Beauty and the Beast!  Lots and lots of options for lots of hungry children!

The room looked so glamorous; it was like we actually were under the sea! We had colourful streamers hanging from the chandeliers, a fisherman’s net stretching across the ceiling with shells and starfish attached and a beautiful teared birthday cake was made with edible shells and a lovely birthday message to Melanie.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Melanie and then everyone did a little more playing before the tiredness kicked in and mummies and daddies were arriving to take everyone home.

From everyone at Oake Manor, we thoroughly hope Melanie had a brilliant 6th Birthday, we all definitely had fun.

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