Mr Claus

Mr Claus

He delivers presents to every good child on one special night of the year. But, how does he manage to eat all of those mince pies? What does he do on Christmas day? This interview reveals ALL as we, at Oake Manor question Santa Claus.

Good afternoon Santa Claus. Thank you for taking the time to come back to Oake Manor and chatting with us. I would like to start by asking how you are, and how your day has been?
Hello Oake Manor! Well you see, I am very happy to be back here again. These Christmas decorations are fantastic, I can see them from miles away as I fly past. I try to avoid the golf balls mind; sometimes they fly from all directions, straight towards my sleigh. I am very well myself. Christmas is over but there is so much to do – we start again ready for the next year you see.

So have you and your elves had a break at all? Have you gotten a chance to enjoy Christmas?!
The magic of Christmas is the most important time of year! We rush around Christmas Eve, delivering all the presents from the sleigh, all before sunrise. When I get back to the North Pole, I sit down in my cabin with a cup of tea from Mrs Claus, many mince pies and Netflix.
When the sun rises, I wake up and cook a turkey dinner with Mrs Claus and the elves of course. Once we’ve eaten we exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols by the fire and play charades.

That sounds very similar to my Christmas. Something I’ve always wanted to know Mr Claus, is how do you not burn yourself when climbing down the fireplace?!
Well Oake Manor, you may be surprised to hear, how many of these new builds don’t have a fireplace at all! They are another issue entirely! Sometimes I even have to climb through a window or use my magic key so I don’t miss any children. This is why I like finding the mince pies – gives that extra bit of energy for the quick getaway.

Oh that explains it! So, what would you say is your least favourite part of your job?
I view it more as a lifestyle choice that a job. However, I would most definitely say that the least favourite part would be the children who have ‘Santaphobia’.

What is Santaphobia?
Ah Santaphobia! Common in young children. I think it’s the beard, it scares some children can you believe it. Mrs Claus thinks I should get rid of it but living in the North Pole it keeps my chin warm! Santaphobia only usually lasts for a year or two and the children soon learn to love the magic of Christmas.

So Santa, what is your most favourite part of being Santa Claus?
Well I must admit to you that I love coming to Oake Manor. When I land in my sleigh, you have the red carpet out and tinsel and fairy lights it looks wonderful! I do feel bad walking on your red carpet in my size twelves though; I plod the snow around everywhere.
The children are definitely the best part of Christmas. Having a chat with them and finding out what they want for Christmas and especially seeing the expression on their faces. Sometimes, they give me their Christmas lists in person!

How do you receive all the children’s Christmas lists in the North Pole?
There are many ways of receiving these lists. Some simply post it to my address, others put it in the fire and the smoke just carries them to me, it’s the magic of Christmas you see. But now a days, people text me or even more common they send me a quick email! They used to MSN me but no one seems to do that anymore.

Thank you very much Mr Claus for your time and coming to visit all the children at Oake Manor.
Thank you again Oake Manor for having me and have a very good 2018. I will see you next year that’s for sure!

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