Comedy Dining at Oake Manor

Comedy Dining at Oake Manor

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Comedy Dining at Oake Manor
When you’re innocently walking to the glass polishing room and a Gladiator appears before you, that’s how you know Comedy Dining are in the building.

We’ve had Comedy Dining at Oake Manor a few times now and every show is literally hilarious.

The most recent show was Only Fools and Three Courses and it was cushty. With Comedy Dining, it’s as though you’re in your own private episode of Only Fools and Horses as well as dining at a three course gourmet meal.

The perfect wedding would be a sober best man, a mother-in-law you like and definitely not losing your evening act. With Comedy Dining, it was the opposite.

wedding breakfast

I really enjoyed their show, ‘The Wedding Breakfast’. It has so much audience involvement, but not so much that you walk out with a bread roll stuck in your hair like at their Fawlty Towers evening.

fawlty towers

Yes, Comedy Dining do live up to their name. As well as being super funny, they are fabulous people to work alongside. I cannot wait for Only Fools and Three Courses – The Sequel.

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